Environmental Science Technology (A.S.)

Associate in Science (A.S.)
Program Code: 2166
Financial Aid Eligible : Yes
Online Program : No
64 Credits

The Associate in Science (A.S.) in Environmental Science Technology degree provides students with the real-world training needed to become a leader in this important and recession-proof career. The world is growing more complex and the field of environmental science is more important than ever before. Environmental scientists, environmental management specialists and environmental technicians must explore new ways to help sustain a livable environment across our nation and the globe.

Employers are looking for skilled employees who will lend their talents to provide solutions for healthy environments while ensuring that ever-stricter environmental laws are being followed. In Northeast Florida alone, there are more than 30 environmental companies as well as a similar number of governmental agencies like the EPA, Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Energy looking for gifted people with environmental science degrees.

Students can specialize in safety compliance, hazardous materials or water quality.

Additional Costs/Fees
Approximately $6,712