Digital Media/Multimedia Technology (A.S.)

Associate in Science (A.S.)
Program Code: 2152
Financial Aid Eligible : Yes
Online Program : No
60 Credits

Whether you are interested in 3-D animation, videography or sound design, our Associate in Science (A.S.) in Digital Media/Multimedia Technology degree will give you the tools for digital communication. Students will learn to integrate graphics, sound, video, animation, text and still images to create any variety of entertainment, graphic and creative productions. Students focus on web design or programming, graphic design or audio or video production. And for real world experience and opportunities, students will be required to complete an internship and portfolio.

Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes 

  1. Students will demonstrate industry-appropriate verbal and written communication skills.  
  2. Students will demonstrate industry-appropriate soft skills. 
  3. Students will understand output modalities at the entry-level including print, screen, and time-based media. 
  4. Students will demonstrate proficiency using industry-standard hardware and/or software. 
  5. Students will identify basic aesthetic elements in the digital arts. 
  6. Students will conceptualize, design and execute a project at entry-level competence.

Career Options

The Digital Media/Multimedia Technology program prepares graduates for numerous career opportunities, including such positions as graphic designers, multimedia artists/designers, photographers, and web designers. Job descriptions within the field may share many industry standard skill requirements for software and hardware; however, the digital media field emphasizes the importance of design and portfolio review.