FSCJ is committed to reducing the cost of course materials for students by offering classes that use free Open Educational Resources (OER) or low-cost digital materials that are accessible to all students. 

Financial Impact

The annual cost of textbooks is approximately $1,300 per year for a full-time community college student. That is roughly a third of the cost of an associate degree. This high cost can be a significant barrier to college completion. Through OER and low-cost digital materials, a student can save approximately $100 per course. These cost savings can help pay for books, supplies or additional classes needed to complete a degree.

Through OpenStax, FSCJ offered free course materials to more than 4,000 students in Fall 2017. The cost savings to students totaled more than $420,000. OpenStax is just one of many free resources we offer each term.

How We Are Able to Help

FSCJ is a recipient of the Achieving the Dream OER Degree Pathways grant, which has made it possible to offer students an entire Associate in Arts degree option that does not require purchasing a single textbook.

As one of only two colleges in Florida to be part of this national project, FSCJ has offered 15 courses with more than 100 sections that do not require students to purchase a textbook since receiving this grant.