Honors FAQs

FSCJ Honors students will benefit from working closely with exceptional faculty and other academically talented students within a supportive learning community that emphasizes service-learning, civic engagement and additional learning activities that complement and enhance their education. Students also have access to priority registration and travel opportunities. At the end of their A.A. degree, students will receive special regalia and recognition during Commencement. Honors designations will also be noted on students’ transcripts.

Honors classes are versions of general education courses students already need for their Associate in Arts degrees. We require students to take one elective course in the Honors Program (IDH 2931).

While honors courses are more rigorous, they are not designed to be harder or more work. Students are challenged to think more critically, and topics are covered in greater depth. Honors courses also emphasize more discussion and student engagement.

We encourage interested students to apply to the Honors Program. Each student application will receive a holistic evaluation.

The Honors Diploma is best suited for students who begin the Honors Program early in their academic careers. Additionally, students will need to spend considerable time outside of the classroom to meet the service-learning requirements. The Honors Certificate offers students the same high-quality academic experience with more flexibility to students who have fewer credit hours remaining toward their A.A. degree.

Honors students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.2.

These educational opportunities enrich the student’s learning experience and instill civic responsibility. The FSCJ Honors Program expects students to venture beyond the classroom and engage in purposeful action that positively impacts their peers, the College, the city of Jacksonville and beyond..

Honors classes will be offered primarily in face-to-face and hybrid modalities. Honors courses may occasionally be offered in live online or online formats.

Most students take anywhere from one to three honors courses per term. We provide comprehensive advising to help you meet whichever graduation option you intend to pursue. IDH 2931 Honors in Action is required for all honors students beginning in fall 2023.

With questions and for additional information about the FSCJ Honors Program, please email at honors@fscj.edu, or contact the Director of the Honors Program Aaron Hanlin by email or by phone at (904) 646-2200.