The GRADS initiative lets students Gain Resources and Develop Skills as they create a clear vision for successful live after high school.

Whether it’s preparing to take a college entrance exams or touring local business and industries, students in the GRADS program are focused on both college and career opportunities. In this engaging program, students have a chance to hone their academic skills, learn about college entrance procedures while connecting their educational plans with career options. It helps students discover the value of education, assists them in preparing to enter the workforce, and offers support and motivation to pursue their personal and educational goals. GRADS is a cooperative program with the Florida Department of Education, the Duval County School Board and local businesses. 

Who qualifies?

  • Students in in grades 10th – 12th?
  • Student who meet academic and economic criteria
  • Students who desire to work and learn as they plan for their future

What program activities are offered?

  • SAT/ACT preparation classes
  • Summer internships
  • College/University field trips
  • Academic enrichment classes
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Career Explorations GRADS Academic Year Program
  • Workforce Readiness Workshops

Where is the program held?

The program meets mainly at Florida State College at Jacksonville's Kent Campus, with some sessions are held at other FSCJ campuses and centers. 

When is the program held?

GRADS begins annually during the summer

For more information, contact FSCJ CARES at (904) 633-8219.