Student Stories

“Having an Academic Success Coach is a primary key aspect in navigating towards your educational success and goals, regardless of when you graduated high school.”

 “I have never met an advisor throughout all my schools combined that made me feel so comfortable and was so insightful and encouraging.”

 “I technically don’t have to see my Academic Success Coach anymore, but I still do! They are a voice of reason that allows you to be comfortable.”

  “As everyone knows, school is a very challenging and stressful place, so I appreciate having a reliable advisor who talks to me with the same respect I have for her, [they] are a rare find!”

“My Academic Success Coach is informative, professional, encouraging, and committed towards my educational success with integrity.”

 “If I ever have a quick question or concern, I shoot my Academic Success Coach an email and [they] reply back quickly with good advice.”

“I have friends my age that are just now getting back into school that get super discouraged, and I remember that feeling, especially when you have 10 years’ worth of life's baggage more than you initially did.  I always tell them to try and see an Academic Success Coach.”