What about working at FSCJ inspires you?

What inspires me about working at FSCJ is being an advocate of changing students' lives through pathways of higher learning. To be in a position that provides hope, confidence and creativity, gives me a sense of determination and motivation I want to continue evolving within our student community. 

What was your favorite course in college and why?

My favorite course taken at FSCJ was Afro-American history (AMH2092/AMH2093) taught by Professor Nenye Egwuatu. Professor Egwuatu provided a different side Afro-American history that general books, TV shows and history documents lack. During Black History month, I received a calendar that displayed a black freed slave by the name of Dred Scott. Ironically, I enrolled in AMH2092 in hopes of learning more about him. To my surprise, the entire course was about the Dred Scott case (Dred Scott vs Sanford).