What about working at FSCJ inspires you?

I love seeing students come in unsure about what they want to do and being the one to help them form a plan. I feel inspired when I see students overcome their barriers and be successful.

What is your favorite thing about working at FSCJ?

Meeting students, helping them realize their potential, connecting them with college resources, and seeing them graduate.

What was your favorite course in college and why?

U.S. History - it was a subject I wasn't all that interested in, but the professor was fantastic! He taught the content so well that I felt compelled to take additional history courses to learn more.

Who impacted your college journey the most?

My husband, Herschel. He encourgaed me every step of the way and was always there for me whenever I needed support.

What was your biggest challenge in college and how did you overcome it?

Math! It took a very patient professor and a lot of tutoring for me overcome this subject!