University Prerequisites

Any student transferring from Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) with an Associate in Arts (A.A) degree is guaranteed the transfer of credits earned toward that degree and junior-level standing within the state university system by the State Articulation Agreement (SBE Rule 6A-10.024, FAC). However, a transferring student is not guaranteed admission to specific colleges or programs within the university.

The following are steps that require action on your part for transferring to be successful:

  • Identify a major (as soon as possible);
  • Identify a transfer institution (as soon as possible);
  • Know the admission requirements to the university, including common course prerequisites for your chosen major;
  • In case of a limited-access major, identify any special admission requirements;
  • Complete these requirements (items listed above) while attending FSCJ;
  • Complete all of the requirements for A.A. degree; and
  • Complete the admission and application process as required by the university.

Please note that you should always confirm any information you find by discussing it with an advisor at FSCJ.

Note: When preparing for transfer to a state university, please review the university’s Transfer Student Counseling Manual, rather than the catalog. This manual is designed to assist transfer students from the Florida public community colleges. You will find a list of course prerequisites needed for transfer. The university catalog is designed for students who began at the university as a freshman.