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The FSCJ Massage Therapy Program offers you a well-rounded training experience in massage therapy techniques. Our hands on training and expert curriculum will give you the tools you need to have a successful career in massage therapy. After the completion of our program you will be eligible to submit for review by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy to become a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).

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Our program is broken down into 5 Modules. Please see below:

Part 1 - HED 0704 Business, Professional Ethics – Price: $399 
In this course, the student will learn the intricacies of the therapeutic relationship, with a heavy focus on the roles and boundaries of therapist and client. This course is focused heavily on interactive discussion and activities designed to reinforce concepts of professional ethical behavior, including the framework and dynamics of client/therapist communication, handling ambiguous situations, sexual boundaries, financial boundaries, dual relationships, and taking advantage of peer support and supervision. 

Part 2 - HED 0705 Anatomy & Physiology for Massage Therapy – Price: $949 
This course introduces students to anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. This course teaches student about the anatomy and physiology so that students can develop session strategies for their clients. Student will have a strong foundation of the development function and internal working of the human body systems that they can continue to use as reference points as they continue with their education. 

Part 3 - HED 0706 Massage Therapy I – Price: $1,599 
In this course, the student will be introduced to the history, development, and evolution of massage therapy and learn the basic principles of proper body mechanics and proper draping techniques. The student will learn how to conduct an intake interview with the client, basic documentation skills, as well as how to communicate effectively during the massage. The student will learn the basic principles and strokes of Swedish massage, and apply those techniques to sports massage, pregnancy massage, massage for special populations (medically frail, pediatric, geriatric clients) and contraindications for massage. 

Part 4 - HED 0707 Massage Therapy II – Price: $1,479 
In this course, the student will gain an understanding of pathology and hydrotherapy as it relates to the practice of massage therapy, and gain experience in the application of basic massage and advanced massage techniques in a clinical environment. 

Part 5 - HED 0708 Massage Therapy III – Price:  $1,569 
In this course, the student will gain an understanding of alternative modalities as it relates to the practice of massage therapy and gain experience in the application of basic massage and advanced massage techniques in a clinical environment. 

Financial Assistance Programs:

Goodwill A-Step Program:

**Helps identify financial aid resources and may provide partial funding for eligible candidates. 

Lutheran Services (International Students/Refugee’s Only): (904) 730-8263

FSCJ Payment Plans:

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FSCJ Installment Payments (Student Account): Upon registration for program students are allowed to submit installment payments of any amount up to 48hrs before the start of the class (NOTE: Total course must be paid 48hrs before start of class) 

Please Note: This class may be cancelled if minimum enrollment number is not met. 


 Class     #

 Course Title






 Summer  3625  Business & Prof Ethics Live Online    TBA  TBA  5/16/22 - 6/3/22
 Summer  3629 Anatomy/Physiology  Live Online    TBA  TBA  6/6/22 -  7/9/22
     A & P Lab Kent Campus    Saturday  9:00am -2:00pm  6/25/22 - 7/9/22
 Summer  3631  Massage Therapy I  Kent Campus   Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  9:00am -4:00pm  7/11/22 - 9/1/22
 Fall TBA  Massage Therapy II  Kent Campus     Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  9:00am -4:00pm  9/6/22 - 10/8/22
 Fall    Clinical  Kent Campus    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday  9:00am -4:00pm  10/4/22- 10/8/22
 Fall  TBA Massage Therapy III   Online   Online   TBA  10/10/22 - 12/2/22
 Fall    Clinical Kent Campus     Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday   9:00am -4:00pm  10/10/22 - 12/2/22

Class Information

Program Code: 9413

Hours: 525

Cost: $5,995

Contact Information
Phone: (904) 357-8910