Public Safety Management (B.A.S.)

The Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) in Public Safety Management degree will educate, train and develop students to manage and lead in public safety agencies. The program represents a balance between theory and practice to prepare students for employment and promotional opportunities. The curriculum emphasizes the development of administrative, management, communication and critical thinking skills with an applied focus in criminal justice, homeland security, emergency management, fire science and other public and private sector fields.

Additional Costs/Fees: Approximately $12,586

Degree: Bachelor of Applied Science
Credit Hours: 120 Credits
Online Program : Yes
Program Code: S400
Financial Aid Eligible : Yes
  (904) 646-2239

Program Learning Outcomes

Emphasis will be placed on:

  • Public Safety Management-Examine administrative and leadership aspects of public safety organizations.
  • Criminal Justice-Learn the purpose and processes of law enforcement and about the agencies involved.
  • Constitutional Law-Explore laws dealing with arrest, search and seizure and other topics related to law enforcement.
  • Fire Department Administration-Gain knowledge of the organization and administration processes required in fire protection services.
  • Emergency Planning and Response-Look at the responsibilities and planning needed when preparing for a catastrophic event.

Program Notice

Admissions to this program occur continually throughout the term. If you plan to use financial aid, applications must be received by the priority deadlines listed below to allow sufficient time for processing.

Fall Term - June 1
Spring Term - October 1
Summer Term - February 1

Email has become the College’s preferred method of communication. Information regarding admissions decisions has transitioned from mail to email, and it will be delivered only to your FSCJ student email account.