The CARE Project


On June 19th, the office of Human Resources announced a comprehensive review and assessment of the College's administrative, professional and career position classifications and salary index structure. This project will be referred to as The CARE Project – Classification > Acquisition > Retention > Equity. Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. (GBS) will be our consultant on this project. They have been focused on higher education for over 35 years and are renowned for providing insights and expertise and best practice nationwide.

In September, we kicked off the project to include informational sessions, led by GBS. Phase 1 of the project consists of GBS meeting with leadership and employees to establish project scope to collect material from the College and instruct employees on how to complete a Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ). Phase 2 will begin in October and will last approximately six months. Phase 2 involves gathering updated job description information and then classifying all positions and making recommendations to a classification and pay grade structure. Phase 3 involves a compensation study and will take approximately six months to complete and can be started once all updated job description information has been received. Once all of the data has been reviewed and finalized with the College, Phase 4 will begin and involve the development of a final report, delivered to the College approximately August 2020.

The goal of this project is to design a classification and compensation system that is internally equitable and externally competitive. GBS and the College will not be looking to reduce pay (nor will the College be automatically increasing pay), reduce cost or eliminate positions. This project is not designed to change employee responsibilities. It is designed to review our position classification structure including titles, job requirements and pay grades.

Informational Session Presentation (PDF)

Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ)

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