HR Desktop Procedures

Title Type Size
Acting Stipend
pdf 27 KB DownloadActing Stipend
Administrative Appointments
pdf 101 KB DownloadAdministrative Appointments
College Closures
pdf 161 KB DownloadCollege Closures
Compliance Training
pdf 192 KB DownloadCompliance Training
Death of an Employee or Retiree
pdf 263 KB DownloadDeath of an Employee or Retiree
Designated Safety Sensitive Positions
pdf 107 KB DownloadDesignated Safety Sensitive Positions
Development of Position Descriptions
pdf 50 KB DownloadDevelopment of Position Descriptions
Electronic Records
pdf 46 KB DownloadElectronic Records
pdf 70 KB DownloadOnboarding
Part-time Employee Compensation
pdf 178 KB DownloadPart-time Employee Compensation
Performance Reviews - Adjuncts
pdf 88 KB DownloadPerformance Reviews - Adjuncts
Performance Reviews - APC
pdf 67 KB DownloadPerformance Reviews - APC
Substituting Education for Experience or Experience for Education
pdf 49 KB DownloadSubstituting Education for Experience or Experience for Education
Summer Camp
pdf 305 KB DownloadSummer Camp
Temporary Modified Light-Duty
pdf 594 KB DownloadTemporary Modified Light-Duty
Volunteer Workers
pdf 82 KB DownloadVolunteer Workers