Please complete the Request for Telework Assignment form to establish your flexible work arrangement plan with FSCJ. Telework assignments will terminate effective June 30 of each year. However, the initial assignment will last through June 30, 2023.  

This arrangement is intended to ensure that both you and your supervisor have a shared understanding of your desired work plan. It’s important to note that each employee’s plan may be unique depending on the needs of the position, supervisor, employee and institution. Employees are encouraged to speak with supervisors regarding telework plans prior to submitting the form.

This work plan is not a contract of employment and does not provide any contractual rights to continued employment. It does not alter or supersede the terms of the existing employment relationship. It furthermore does not diminish the College’s discretion to revise or revoke this plan at any time.

Employees are to use College-issued equipment. Internet bandwidth will need to support video conferencing, and the employee is responsible for any associated costs. Each employee is responsible for any tax implications resulting from this plan and is advised to consult with a tax professional if there are any such questions.