The purpose of FSCJ’s Telework Procedure is to outline the process to be followed for approval of a telework assignment for administrative, professional or career employees.

Telework refers to a workplace arrangement where assigned work is performed away from the employer’s regular place of business. Telework assignments may be created when it is determined that it would be in the best interest of the College for an employee to perform assigned work in a location other than a College facility or place where the College performs contract work, and where in-person supervision will not be provided on a regular basis. Telework assignments may be approved for any increment of the employee’s approved work schedule, ranging from a portion of a single day of the week to all days of the employee’s schedule.

When teleworking, employees are expected to meet all the responsibilities, perform all the duties (including all expected service levels) and comply with all the policies that apply to any employee in similar roles, regardless of the location.

View APM 03-0802 (Telework) for additional details.



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