What is a Quality Enhancement Plan?

A Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) focuses on improving student learning outcomes (SLOs) and/or student success over a five-year period of time. Through a process that will engage a variety of stakeholder voices, FSCJ will select a topic that will allow the institution to reflect on and affirm our commitment to student success for its diverse student body. The QEP will be designed to enhance overall institutional quality and effectiveness by focusing on an issue that the institution considers important to improving student learning outcomes and/or student success.

The QEP Process

An integral part of the SACSCOC reaffirmation process, the QEP is derived from our ongoing, comprehensive planning and evaluation processes. Our QEP will include the following components as prescribed in the SACSCOC Resource Manual for the Principles of Accreditation (Standard 7.2):

  1. A topic identified through our ongoing, comprehensive planning and evaluation processes
    1. The topic will focus on a course of action informed by data and our comprehensive planning process that focuses on improving student success and/or student learning outcomes. The topic will support the mission of the institution.
  2. Broad-based support of institutional constituencies
    1. All College stakeholders, including students, will have the opportunity to guide the selection and implementation of the QEP topic.
  3. Focuses on improving specific student learning outcomes and/or student success
    1. Student learning outcomes are those that identify the specific knowledge, skills, behaviors and/or attitudes/values student should be able to demonstrate.
  4. Commits resources to initiate, implement and complete the QEP
    1. Resources are not limited to budget dollars and should include consideration of the following: human resources, operating expenses, physical resources, assessment tools, faculty and/or staff development, etc.
  5. Includes a plan to assess achievement
    1. The expectation is to create a plan that identifies meaningful data to measure student learning outcomes. The plan should include timelines, multiple and varied measures and an explanation of the system used to collect, process and report the data.

Quality Enhancement Plan Timeline

Timeline: January 2022

Create a representative leadership team including faculty, staff, administrators and students.

QEP Exploratory Team Members

Karen Acevedo, Assessment Coordinator

Annette Barrineau, Dean of Business

Amy Baskin, Professor, Communications

Lanh Bloodworth, Professor, Natural Sciences

Douglas Brauer, Dean of Engineering Technology & Industry

Lisa Ciardulli, Accreditation Coordinator

Dr. Jerrett Dumouchel, Interim VP, Institutional Effectiveness & Advancement

Dr. Deborah Fontaine, AVP, Strategic Priorities

Dr. Jeff Hess, Dean of Communication

Dr. Sherri Litt, Associate Provost, BCTE

Donna Martin, Executive Director, Nassau Center

Tom Messner, Executive Dean, Library Services

Dr. Ian Neuhard, Associate Provost, Liberal Arts & Sciences

Robin Price, Student

Barbara Schaefer, Program Manager

Dr. Ed Stringer, Dean of Mathematics

Jacquelyn Thompson, AVP Enrollment Management

Breana White, Student

Timeline: February 2022-June 2022

In this step, the QEP Exploratory Team will begin the process of identifying the QEP topic and the potential resources required for development. Topics will be collected through the following processes, resources and data:

  • QEP workshops that introduce the QEP process and guidelines to the FSCJ community
  • Internal student success data
  • Surveys (Institutional Effectiveness, Student Climate, CLNA, etc.)
  • Focus groups (students, faculty, staff, administrators)
  • Topic research (beginning of literature review supported by the LLC)
  • Topic feasibility study (budget, human resources, physical resources, etc.)
  • Ability to development and measure meaningful outcomes to improve student success
  • Recommend topics to President’s Executive Leadership Team

Timeline: July 2022-January 2023

Once the topic and its feasibility are approved by the President’s Executive Leadership Team, the development of the actual plan begins. A QEP Implementation Team will be formed with membership aligned to the expertise required by the selected topic. Team make-up will continue to be representative of the College community. The formal plan will include a summary of the topic identification process, relevant research on the topic and the student learning outcomes and/or student success goals. The following sub-committees will be formed to complete the QEP Development:

  • Literature Review Sub-Committee
  • Instructional and Student Services Sub-Committee
  • Professional Development Sub-Committee
  • Assessment Plan Sub-Committee
  • Budget Sub-Committee
  • Marketing/Communication Sub-Committee

Tasks will include the following:

  • An appropriate timeline for implementation
  • A framework, including objectives and measures for each outcome, deliverables, necessary budgets, etc.
  • A comprehensive assessment plan to measure improvements in student learning and/or student success
  • Baseline values for all assessment measures
  • Determine a comprehensive system for data collection and analysis
  • A marketing plan to ensure that the FSCJ community is aware of the QEP, its importance and its progress
  • Identifying a consultant and review feedback prior to implementing pilot project

Timeline: Spring 2023-Fall 2023

After the QEP is approved internally and reviewed by the consultant, a pilot implementation will be developed. Action will include:

  • Modifying the proposed QEP based on suggestions from the consultant
  • Select faculty, staff and students to serve on various QEP committees
  • Identify and develop materials to implement pilot project to improve student performance for QEP learning outcomes and/or student success goals
  • Prepare the QEP for submission to SACSCOC off site committee report and finalize entire QEP for submission to the SACSCOC on site committee at least six weeks prior to the visit
  • Continue pilot of new QEP initiative

Timeline: Fall 2023 and forward

After final SACSCOC approval, the full implementation will begin immediately and will include the following:

  • Activating the various QEP committees to track, assess and implement the QEP according to the established implementation timeline
  • Continue to communicate QEP progress to FSCJ community in accordance the QEP communication plan