Financial Aid

Important Dates

Visit Connections before the term priority deadline to check your current mailing address and review your financial aid checklist. All items listed on the financial aid checklist should be completed by the priority deadlines listed below.

Fall 2014
Priority Deadline:
Students must have a complete and accurate file in order for FSCJ to determine eligibility for coverage of tuition, fees and books. Those who do not meet the published priority deadline will be responsible for paying their educational expenses from their own resources until eligibility is established. Check your status online.
July 18 — Session A
Aug. 15 — Session B
Sept. 12 — Sessions C & D
Bookstore Authorizations:
Bookstore authorizations are posted and available for all eligible students during the dates listed on this page. For additional book information, visit the Financial Services - Bursar Web page.
Aug. 11-Sept. 15

For all
Fall Sessions
Payment Extension Deadline for Documented Financial Aid Students:
Documented financial aid students’ class schedules will be held until Aug. 14, 2014 for Fall Term. A student is considered a documented financial aid student if FSCJ has received a Student Aid Report from the U.S. Department of Education and the student completed a Florida State College Financial Aid Authorization Form. Students who have applied for financial aid and have not been awarded or paid from their own resources by the term payment deadline will have their schedule dropped. Once the schedule is dropped, students must re-enroll and be prepared to pay for tuition and fees from their own resources. Students can view their financial aid status by logging in to Connections.
Aug. 14
First Pay:
Financial aid disbursements are deposited into Florida State College at Jacksonville Refund Card accounts for all students who completed their financial aid file by the priority deadline. After first pay, financial aid disbursements will be processed on a weekly basis as students are awarded. Please check your financial aid checklist in Connections to verify your financial aid status.
Sept. 25