Gather the facts and do your part to break the case.

FSCJ’s Continuing Education program can prepare you to begin a fulfilling career in private investigation. Courses help students develop an understanding of the law and how it applies to their role, as well as teaching them tips and tricks to be successful and maintain safety. At the culmination of this two-part course, students will be eligible to receive a certificate of completion from the state of Florida.

Per the State of Florida Department of Education Private Investigator Intern Curriculum Framework, students who complete the course(s) will receive training in the following:

  • Professional ethics, legal issues and liability, records restrictions, executive protection, anti-terrorism
  • Report writing, information sources and evidence
  • Surveillance, interviewing and truth verification, performing background investigations and locating individuals
  • Computers and other Investigative equipment
  • Courtroom and formal hearing demeanor and pretrial responsibilities
  • Self evaluation as a witness and testifying on the stand