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Dr. Cynthia S. Robinson, Associate Director, Center for International Education

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Juliette Patterson, Administrative Assistant, Curriculum & Instruction

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By supporting faculty-led international learning opportunities for FSCJ students and the greater College community, the Center for International Education inspires both an awareness and an appreciation of diverse peoples, cultures and languages within the United States and around the world.


Cultivating global mindedness and a respect for cultural diversity


  • Respect for the Earth and all people
  • A spirit of wonder
  • Civility
  • Inclusive excellence
  • A worldwide view

Program Overview

Study Abroad (Coming Soon!)

Study abroad provides students with a global perspective, better preparing them for living and leading in our globally interdependent society. Study abroad is a transformative academic experience with an international perspective. While abroad, students gain knowledge about other peoples and cultures as well as themselves. FSCJ’s faculty-led, short-term study abroad model is committed to providing safe, affordable international learning opportunities for students.

Study U.S.A. (Coming Soon!)

Our study U.S.A. programming provides students the opportunity to broaden their experiences without leaving the United States, offering many benefits similar to our study abroad program.

The Global Scholars Distinction 

The Global Scholars Distinction program is dedicated to offering students a global education, which includes internationally focused coursework as well as cultural learning activities and experiences to help them compete in a global economy. To earn the distinction, students must complete 15 credit hours of globally focused coursework. These 15 credit hours of coursework are incorporated into your existing academic requirements. In addition, students participate in eight global activities on campus, complete 30 hours of global experiences and complete a capstone presentation. Students who fulfill the Global Scholars Distinction requirements will earn a printed certificate, a designation on their FSCJ transcript and receive special recognition at graduation, which includes a Global Scholars medallion. To participate, please complete the application and email it to

Fall 2022 Global Courses (Download)

Co-Curricular International Learning Opportunities

The Center for International Education plans, facilitates and supports co-curricular international learning activities and events both on and off campus. These events are listed below and posted to the College calendar.

Events & Opportunities

  • Friendship Across Cultures
    The Friendship Across Cultures program pairs FSCJ's international students with an FSCJ student from the U.S. to meet (virtually, if desired) to foster friendships, cultivate global mindedness and respect for cultural diversity. We ask that students who participate spend 20 minutes or more interacting with their partner every week. If you are interested in participating, please let us know by completing this form.