Histologic Technology

Associate in Science

Histologic Technology

Histology, medical terminology, histotechniques, anatomy and physiology

The Associate in Science (A.S.) in Histologic Technology degree program is designed to train and educate competent, ethical, confident, entry-level clinical laboratory professionals in partnership with affiliated health care institutions through classroom and online learning. The program focuses on comprehension and mastery of knowledge in conjunction with clinical skill development to prepare graduates to become histotechnologists, who play an integral role in preparing tissue specimens for the microscopic diagnosis of disease. 

Selected courses are formatted for online delivery, while others provide hands-on, in person instruction. Students will be expected to perform in a professional manner during the campus and practicum phases and must have excellent coordination skills.


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Program Code: 2262

76 Credits

Limited access

 Also available online

School of Social, Behavioral and Health Sciences
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Drug screen, background checks, uniforms, physical and textbooks

Financial Aid Eligibility

Financial aid is available, if qualified.


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Alternative ways to earn credit

You may be eligible to receive credit toward this degree through Prior Learning Assessment. Examples include industry certifications, certain PSAV programs, credit by examination, or creating a portfolio of learning experiences. For more information, contact an academic advisor or learn more about Accelerated College.

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Degree Options

Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to take the certification exam in histotechnology by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) and obtain a professional licensure by the Board of Clinical Laboratory Professionals through the Florida Department of Health. Students who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree must meet the university of choice course and test requirements.

There is a 45-day waiting period prior to eligibility to retake the certification examination.


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