FSCJ has upgraded Live@edu, our previous email service, to Microsoft's newest education production suite, Office 365 for Education.

Along with Microsoft, we'll continue to offer a set of powerful email, web and collaboration tools that can help you work faster and gain skills for the workplace. Microsoft Office 365 includes your favorite Office features online and allows you to create sophisticated reports and presentations, collaborate in real time with classmates and share and edit documents from your phone, PC or Mac.

What does this mean for students?

Students will continue to access email through myFSCJ after the upgrade. The only change will be that you'll automatically have two separate accounts for Office 365. One account will allow access to your email through Connections and will be administered by FSCJ, and the other account will be a personal account automatically created through Microsoft that's completely separate from the College.

  • Account 1: FSCJ Office 365 account - This account provides access to your FSCJ email and is administered by the College. You'll access your student email by going through the student portal, Connections.
  • Account 2: Personal Microsoft account - This personal account provides access to existing SkyDrive content, Office features, Messenger and other Microsoft services. After the upgrade, the personal Microsoft account login will no longer be managed by FSCJ. As a result, we cannot reset the password. To change the password for the personal account after the upgrade, visit reset your password
  • Do you currently use SkyDrive? Sign in to SkyDrive using your existing username and password. This will remain the same unless you update the account through SkyDrive. If preferred, you may change the email address associated with this account since it will no longer be connected to the College. It is recommended that you backup any SkyDrive files to a secondary storage location as a preventative measure.

What do I need to do?

Check the following to ensure you have the most up-to-date software:

  • If you're using Internet Explorer 7 or earlier, upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer.
  • If you're using Outlook to read your student email, and you're using Microsoft Office 2003, upgrade to Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 to continue using Outlook.

Students will continue to access student email through myFSCJ.