College volunteering allows the unique opportunity to give your time and talent to the community while learning more about the world in which you live. Even if you just take a few hours out of your week to volunteer, it can make an impact not only in your life but also in the lives of others. Volunteering can help you understand how to work cohesively with different people to form teams as well as how to be a leader. You will also get key insight into your future career goals by being able to build your resume while you explore careers and network. You never know who you might meet while volunteering! It is also a great place to build a list of references or connections that can help you when it is time to apply

College is stressful, there is no questioning that! But by volunteering for an organization that helps those in need, you will get the chance to see how fortunate a stressful college life can be.  There is a wide range of volunteer opportunities available. To learn more, please email FSCJVolunteers@fscj.edu.