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Center for Cultures, Languages, and Societies Contact Information

Kent Campus Room F-118A
(904) 381-3451


The Center for Cultures, Languages and Societies is inspired by the diversity and richness of FSCJ’s student body and multiple communities. Through the Center, students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to immerse themselves in various languages, arts and culture from around the globe.

Students can engage in a variety of activities and programs at the dedicated space at Kent Campus (F-118A). They can converse with others who speak a specific language, hold a book club, watch a television series, or play video games, all in a language they desire to learn or teach others.

The Center will be expanding to all FSCJ campuses. Be on the lookout for our Language Tables (free conversation), ethnic oriented culinary experiences (lunches), gaming, news sharing, speakers and more!

Vision statement:

Students of FSCJ will join the world “conversation” by effectively understanding, exchanging ideas, and beneficially cooperating with, international communities.

Mission Statement:

Provide a robust and wide panoply of programs, activities, and events designed to facilitate awareness, understanding, and mastery of language acquisition, cultural competency, and political savvy of cultures foreign to, and within, the United States.


  1. To provide opportunities for peer-to-peer immersion for language acquisition.
  2. To encourage and facilitate political and historical familiarity through inter-cultural dialogue and a diverse array of speakers.
  3. To maintain a calendar of events and programs that provide authentic experiences and facilitates our mission.
  4. To highlight and direct students toward dynamic and valuable events already conducted at FSCJ in the areas of language, culture, and international education & politics.

Engaging Global Communities

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