What is your favorite thing about working at FSCJ?

The support I receive from my colleagues and the support I can give to students. I know what it feels like to need support, and in this role, the smallest deeds make a big difference in the lives of students. I feel grateful and honored when students thank me and they really mean it. I get to experience gratitude every day.

What was your biggest challenge in college and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge was figuring out which bachelor's degree to pursue. I spent a lot of time taking electives hoping to discover the best degree. Almost 90 credits later, I still had no idea which path to choose. I transferred to UNF to become a teacher, but after the first month, I knew I was going in the wrong direction. I overcame this challenge by accepting that not knowing what I wanted to pursue was ok. I returned to FSCJ, got the support I needed and earned my bachelor's degree in Converged Communications--and everything worked out perfectly.