Financial Holds and Payments

Amounts owed to the College by a student will generate a financial hold on the student’s record. Depending on the type of debt, a hold may be placed immediately upon recognition of the debt or only once overdue and determined delinquent.

Examples of types of debt that generate an immediate hold are returned checks or financial aid overpayments.

Examples of debt that generate a hold once overdue and not paid are book loans and veteran deferments.

A financial hold will prevent a student from registering for a subsequent term and from receiving transcripts. The debt must be paid in full before the financial hold is lifted.

Payment arrangements can be made with the office of Student Financial Services. A payment agreement on file will prevent a student from being reported to a collection agency. Collection costs will not be added if a valid payment agreement is signed before assignment to a collection agency.

Students must acknowledge and complete the Terms and Conditions annually in their myFSCJ To-Do List.