WJCT: FSCJ plans course on history of Jacksonville, a city at the crossroads

Link to article: https://news.wjct.org/first-coast/2022-01-05/fscj-plans-course-on-history-of-jacksonville-a-city-at-the-crossroads 

A Jacksonville college professor is launching a class on the city's history this fall with plans to soon open the course to anybody — not just enrolled students — who want to learn more about how the city got to where it is today.

Scott Matthews, who teaches history at Florida State College at Jacksonville, said that after speaking with fellow historians, he believes this will be the first time a course will be offered that focuses exclusively on Jacksonville history. He plans to begin teaching it in the fall in the year of the city's bicentennial.

Its name, simply enough, will be "History of Jacksonville." Students, he said, have already expressed much interest in the topic when conversation turns to the city and its place in American history.

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