WJCT: FSCJ aims to double its truck driver courses in light of driver shortage

Link to article: https://news.wjct.org/first-coast/2021-12-14/fscj-aims-to-double-its-truck-driver-courses-in-light-of-driver-shortage

WJCT News | By David Bauerlein - Florida Times-Union

nationwide shortage of truck drivers is causing Florida State College at Jacksonville to make plans for shifting its wait-listed commercial driver courses into higher gear.

The turnover in the trucking industry has long made it a job with plenty of openings to fill, but it's particularly acute now with driver shortages affecting shipments to store shelves and even the collection of garbage from Jacksonville curbsides.

When FSCJ opened enrollment in October for its spring courses, they were filled in 90 minutes.

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