FSCJ Cancels Out Nearly $1.4 Million in Student Debt

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) eliminated close to $1.4 million of student debt incurred by more than 1,900 students as a result of the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic.

This action provides much needed relief to students who were suddenly unable to meet their obligations to pay for tuition, fees, resources and materials due to unforeseen changes or difficulties affecting their economic or health status.

“Removing the financial barriers and obstacles allows these students to refocus on their original goal and intent of attaining educational advancement to secure a better career for their future, and that’s what is most important,” said FSCJ President Dr. John Avendano. “Lifting this burden allows them to continue taking steps forward in bettering their future without delaying their dreams.” 

FSCJ used funds from the Higher Education Emergency Relief III (HEERF III) institutional aid from the American Rescue Plan to cover the incurred debt.