Florida Politics: Clay Yarborough wants $12M for FSCJ STEM building

Link to article: http://floridapolitics.com/archives/249511-clay-yarborough-wants-12m-fscj-stem-building

Florida State College Jacksonville made an ambitious ask to the Duval County Legislative Delegation: $12 million PECO money for a downtown STEM building.

Jacksonville Republican State Rep. Clay Yarborough will carry that one to Tallahassee, via a bill filed Monday.

Per the appropriations request, the project will “accommodate the space and growth needs for the College’s STEM programs that focus on public and private sector-identified regional workforce needs.”

“The facility will help the region meet its workforce targets and will help citizens in the community get connected with affordable degree and certificate programs that will lead to employment opportunities,” the request continues.

The $12 million would allow for demolition and replacement of facilities on the college’s downtown campus, the request continues, and unspecified “major employers” in the Jacksonville region would attest to the utility of the project.

The lobbyist working this one: Matt Brockelman of Southern Strategy Group.