Academy Graduates & Certification Program Participants

Congratulations to all of our recent Academy Graduates and Certificate Participants!

Congrats to the 2018-2019 Adjunct Academy Graduates!
Paige Ricci - Humanities/Performing Arts
Leslie Ann Mallory - Dental Hygiene
Lena Shaqareq - Adult Education/ESOL
Debra Glanton - Business
Kasyapa Chitta - Science
Tyler Winkler - Education
Syeda Hyder - Communications
Shelletta Baker - Mathematics
Harold (Todd) Kaplan - Liberal Arts and Science
Gwendolyn Turner - Adult Education/ESOL
Stacia Asimos - Business
Rashandia McIntyre - Social and Behavioral Science
Linda Martin - Science
Bonnie Smedley - Business
Bethany Mueller - Mathematics
Amaya Davis - Business and SLS
Valerie Vann - Business 

Kudos to the following employees for completing the Managing at FSCJ Certificate Program!
Winter Broadhurst, Academic Tutor
Melissa Bradley, Academic and Career Advisor
Beatrix Dunn, Associate Director of Academic Advising Services
Jeniah Jones, Professor of Adult Education
Miranda Minton, Administrative Assistant II
Barbara Schaefer, Project Coordinator
Christy Vint Griswold, Foundation Support Manager
Scott Yaun, Distance Learning Assessment Specialist


Cheers to Dr. Lisa Van Zwoll, academic tutor, for being the first to complete the Active Learning Certificate program.

And finally a congratulations to the following graduates of FSCJ’s first Leadership Academy!
Sarah Ashbrook - Workforce Operations
Jennifer Grey - Library and Learning Commons
Dr. Judy Jones-Liptrot - Assessment and Certification
Jacqueline Kloin - Student Recruitment
Mark Lynn - Human Resources
Dianne Mcauliffe - Professor of Physical Therapy
Andrew Pierce - Assessment and Certification
Lorne Richardson - Workforce Education
Dr. Lisa Van Zwoll - Library and Learning Commons
Matt Wetzel - Dual Enrollment