WJCT: 10/31/18: Breaking Down The Ballot, Going Green, TEDx FSCJ

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10/31/18: Breaking Down The Ballot, Going Green, TEDx FSCJ

Florida voters are facing the longest ballot in decades

Wednesday on First Coast Connect, FSCJ Professor of Political Sciences Daniel Cronrath joined us to breakdown the issues voters are facing along with some explanations as to why the ballot came together the way it did, especially in regards to the proposed constitutional amendments.

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Going Green

The Everglades Foundation is using the free market to combat toxic algae blooms. The foundation has announced the four finalists in the $10 million prize to develop a cost-effective, scalable technology to remove phosphorous from fresh water bodies that causes the kind of toxic algae blooms that have been afflicting Florida’s waterways.

It’s called the George Barley Water Prize. Loren Parra, director of the Barley Prize joined us for our Going Green segment.

Tracking Innovation

The TEDxFSCJ Fearless Innovation is Friday. It will explore how innovators in Central Asia and across Northeast Florida are defying the familiar.

The Tedx is being produced in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe, Tajikistan and will use live video streaming to connect thought leaders in Tajikistan with innovators in Jacksonville.

FSCJ Professor of Biological Sciences Lourdes Norman-McKay joined us with a preview.

Additional information on the TEDxFSCJ Fearless Innovation.

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