Three Generations at FSCJ

Three Generations at FSCJ

FSCJ has been serving the Jacksonville community for more than 50 years and it is always rewarding to hear how FSCJ has had an impact on multiple generations in one family. Connie Casteel recently graduated from our registered nursing program, following in the footsteps of her mother who graduated from our nursing program many years ago when the College was known as FCCJ.

Connie chose FSCJ's nursing program because of the flexibility FSCJ provides her, allowing her to make a schedule that works best for her and her children. She also liked the idea of taking classes at a community college because of the smaller, more intimate class sizes. During her time at FSCJ she enjoyed the one-on-one relationships that she was able to establish with her professors. She is passionate about nursing and loves taking care of people. Connie hopes to one-day work with children or in hospice. One of her favorite memories from her time at FSCJ was during clinicals at Wolfson Children's Hospital. The experience made her realize how much she enjoyed working with children. She found that parents of children with chronic illnesses can’t always be at the bed side of their children, and she enjoyed being able to comfort and provide for those children.

While at FSCJ, Connie was Vice President of FSCJ's Student Nursing Association and a member of Phi Theta Kappa and Alpha Delta Nu.

Now, to continue the tradition, Connie's daughter is currently taking FSCJ dual enrollment classes, completing prerequisites for the nursing program.

The photo below features Connie's mother on the left with Connie and her sister at her mother’s graduation. On the right of the image shows Connie and her son and daughter at her nursing pinning ceremony. Fun fact, Connie's daughter and son are 12 years apart in age, and Connie and her sister are as well.

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