The Campus Voice Welcomes its new Advisor, Professor Liz Murphy Thomas

The Campus Voice Welcomes its new Advisor, Professor Liz Murphy Thomas

Liz Murphy Thomas, professor of digital media, is the new Campus Voice advisor.

Thomas holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Photography and a Master of Fine Arts in Photography and Digital Imaging.

Thomas has worn a variety of hats including media mogul (photography) for One Spark, visual arts editor, web developer, social networking specialist and visual arts gallery director. These skills provide the Campus Voice staff with a different outlook on photography and presentation for the newly online publication.

With more than 20 curated exhibitions and 11 solo exhibits throughout Europe and North America, Thomas’s creativity and talent is evident through her work and teachings. A compilation of Thomas’s work consists of private and public collections including the permanent collection at the Southeast Museum of Photography.

From determining website themes to coming up with innovative marketing techniques, Thomas plays an integral role in the Campus Voice and its transition from paper to electronic. The publication’s developing presence on WordPress was aided by Thomas’s blog experience, as Thomas utilizes WordPress to display some of her pieces.

In her free time, Thomas collects vintage clothing, jewelry and housewares (Pyrex). Thomas also enjoys making clothing and taking long road trips. “It’s not about the destination, as much as the journey,” said Thomas.

The Campus Voice team is grateful for Thomas’s expertise in the launch of this publication, and is confident in the future of the College newspaper with such a fearless leader.