Strategic Initiatives Update - December 2016

Strategic Initiatives Update - December 2016

Each month, this column will highlight the supporting initiatives that are intended to help FSCJ achieve the goals identified in our Strategic Plan.

Initiative Supporting Strategic Plan Goal #1: Increase Access and Equity

  • Strategic Initiative Supporting Access and Equity: “Reconsider Cost of Attendance for Loan Borrowing”

FSCJ’s enrollment management team re-calculated the cost of attendance at FSCJ.  The net effect was that students did not need as much financial aid.  When the cost of attendance was lowered, the potential amount students could borrow was also lowered.  Previously, many students accepted as much federal financial aid as was available to them, without considering whether that amount was needed to pay for their classes.

As a result of this initiative, the potential debt that students can incur when applying for student loans has been reduced.

For more information about this initiative, contact Rich Turner, (904) 632-5112 or