Scheidel Scholarship Luncheon Recognizes Student Volunteers

Scheidel Scholarship Luncheon Recognizes Student Volunteers

We at FSCJ take tremendous pride in our students who dedicate their time to volunteering in the Jacksonville community.

The Herbert W. Scheidel Community Leadership in Action Award was established to continue the legacy of Herbert W. Scheidel, by recognizing and encouraging these emerging leaders who go above and beyond to positively impact the lives of others.

Scholarships are awarded each year to currently enrolled students who volunteer and demonstrate advocacy in their community. This year’s recipients were honored at a luncheon held at the Epping Forest Yacht Club on March 31.

This year’s winner was Ramona Federico, who is working toward her Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) in Logistics. Ramona has volunteered with a number of organizations in Jacksonville including the Gabriel House of Care and Best Buddies of Florida.

“I’ve always had a creative mind and a big mouth, so it was no surprise that at our meetings when I’d come up with an idea and share it, I’d soon find myself in charge of that project,” Ramona said.

Brian Davis was selected as one of two finalists for the award. The biomedical sciences student has volunteered more than 200 hours with the St. Francis Soup Kitchen, and said he believes it is “a moral obligation to be constructive contributors to society.”

Finalist Kathyrne Caprood dedicated time to working in the Person Centered Care Unit at St. Vincent’s Medical Center. “I have learned countless lessons about life and leadership through my volunteering experience,” the nursing student said. 

We are proud of the service leadership these students exhibit and congratulate them on this recognition.