Respiratory Care Alum Finds Path at FSCJ

Respiratory Care Alum Finds Path at FSCJ

One of our alumni, Michael DeMuria, has gone on to a successful career following his time at FSCJ, then known as FCCJ. Michael is yet another shining example of what our students are able to achieve through perseverance and hard work.

When he and his wife, Susan, moved to Florida, Michael was unsure of his path and decided that higher education would put him on the right track. The Connecticut native, whose family was involved in the medical field, opted to enroll in the College’s Respiratory Care program. During this time, Michael became fascinated by a potential career as a cardiovascular perfusionist.

As he studied and sold cars while living in Saint Augustine, he and his wife faced difficult times and were forced to depend on welfare. Despite the financial hardships, Michael was determined to pursue his education. “Michael says going back to school changed everything,” said Susan. “We could support our family. It gave us a life we never dreamed.”

As a student in his 30s, Michael was told that his age might hurt his chances of obtaining a job in his field after college. Nevertheless, his FCCJ instructors were encouraging and even helped him write letters for job applications. “It really made a difference to have someone behind him,” said Susan, emphasizing the College’s support. In addition, he was offered many FCCJ scholarships due to his 4.0 GPA. Michael graduated in 1994.

Much to the surprise of Michael and his wife, he received two job offers, including a position at a teaching hospital with Yale University, where he taught new perfusionists. Now a clinical cardiopulmonary perfusionist, Michael will begin a new position later this month at the University of Missouri, where one of his three sons attends college.

We congratulate Michael on continued success in his professional endeavors.