FSCJ Receives National Science Foundation Grants for Advanced Technological Education

FSCJ Receives National Science Foundation Grants for Advanced Technological Education

FSCJ was recently awarded two new Advanced Technological Education (ATE) grants from the National Science Foundation, which together total more than $1 million.

Industry 4.0 Technicians in Advanced Manufacturing (Industry 4.0 Tech) 

The $555,507 Industry 4.0 Tech project will work to address the widening skills gap in the advanced manufacturing industry due to emerging innovations in technology and processes. In partnership with the College of Lake County (CLC) in Illinois, as well as businesses and industry associations representing 300 employers, Industry 4.0 Tech will enroll 214 students in new Industry 4.0 courses, providing them the opportunity to earn multiple industry certifications. Over the three-year grant period, FSCJ and CLC will modify a minimum of 20 courses in coordination with industry partners to reflect newly acquired equipment. 

The project will focus on increasing participation and persistence of underrepresented and underserved populations by connecting and supporting females, minorities and Veterans to create a more diverse technical workforce. This grant will also support simulation labs for students, faculty and K-12 teachers.

Meeting Industry Needs through a Two-Year Data Science Technician Education Program (DataTEC) 

The DataTEC project, which received $566,953 from the NSF, will help develop data science technicians, who are expected to become increasingly critical as employers lean more heavily on data to guide decision-making. DataTEC will create educational and career pathways to prepare students for an array of data science roles, particularly in entry- and middle-skill positions. FSCJ is also establishing a Data Science Technology Associate in Science degree with two embedded technical certificates.

FSCJ will work to increase access for nontraditional and underrepresented students by updating the coursework for full online delivery. Faculty will benefit from data science professional development opportunities that will enhance teaching and learning across the College.

Special thanks to the following faculty and staff who helped secure the NSF’s support for these two grants:

  • Dean Mamdouh Babi
  • Professor Pam Brauda
  • Dean Doug Brauer
  • Mr. Ernie Friend
  • Professor David Singletary
  • Professor Sarah Galatioto Wilson
  • Professor Alan Zube