National Women’s and Mental Health Month

National Women’s and Mental Health Month

May is an important month because it is celebrated for both Women’s Health Month and Mental Health Month.

National Women’s Health Week begins Mother’s Day each year and is led by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The goal is to empower women to make health a priority and to encourage women to improve their overall health.

May is also considered Mental Health Month. Mental Health America and its advocates from all over have celebrated Mental Health Month every May since 1949. Managing mental health includes getting enough sleep and managing stress. The theme that Mental Health America has chosen for 2015 is “Be4Stage4” which emphasizes we all should work toward early identification and intervention for mental health.

Florida State College at Jacksonville’s Student Assistance Program can provide students with resources needed to cope with stressful, college related or personal issues that may be affecting their mental health. Students can call (904) 384-1800 for assistance. The Employee Assistance Program is available for employees at (800) 327-9757. This is the time to protect and preserve mental health. You can find further information at and