Meet 20West Cafe Chef Brett Cromer

Meet 20West Cafe Chef Brett Cromer

Learn more about the chef behind 20West Cafe, Brett Cromer, a 2017 FSCJ graduate.

Q: Why did you choose to become a chef and what do you enjoy most about your line of work?
A: I was actually thrown into this line of work. I applied to be a waiter but was hired into the kitchen. I quickly found a passion for the restaurant world and decided to make it a career.

Q: What excites you most about cooking and food in general?
A: I love the endless possibilities. I can keep doing this for the rest of my life and still find new combinations and techniques to try.

Q: How did FSCJ prepare you for life as a chef?
A: How can I possibly list everything? Menu development, costing, production...There had been, and still is, always an opportunity to learn.

Q: In addition to being a chef, you are a culinary instructor. What do you enjoy most about working with young adults who are pursuing the same career as you?
A: Having been through the same program, I can better assist the employees as they take their next steps. I can't wait to see what this team will do after their internships!

Q: If you were offered the chance to plan your final meal, what would be on the menu?
A: If I pick foods that aren't available in the same season together, can we keep pushing back the final meal?