March/April Recruitment Update

March/April Recruitment Update

The Office of Recruitment & Admissions hopes our colleagues and their families across the College are doing well during these difficult and challenging times. Like everyone at FSCJ, our team continues to make the transition to adjusting our operations in this new environment, where we find ourselves in the odd position of being isolated and hyper-connected at the same time. Strange times, indeed.

While we continue to adjust to our new surroundings, we also continue to do the vital work of student outreach and supporting our incoming students. Our admissions team is in the final stage of testing our brand new online orientation, which is expected to launch on May 1. This orientation will feature interactive videos and quizzes and includes essential information that every new student at FSCJ should know. We’re excited about what this orientation brings to our onboarding process and look forward to seeing students engage with us online as they begin their FSCJ educational journey. 

Our recruitment team also continues to do the critical work of outreach to prospective students. Through coordination with school counselors in our service area, recruiters will be hosting Enrollment Assistance Days (EAD) starting this week through various digital channels. These events allow our recruiters to “see” our students and help them with the early steps of transitioning to FSCJ. Annual events such as our May 2 “Form Your Future” event, which provides families support with Financial Aid, are being transitioned to a digital environment as well. 

We're pleased to also announce that we have a new Facebook Group called FSCJ Bound: A group for interested & admitted students, friends & family. Check it out here:

Our team looks forward to expanding our digital footprint and helping students and their families as they begin their educational journeys at FSCJ.  We’ll be sure to continue to provide updates on the resources available for all incoming students. Take care everyone, be safe, and together, we’ll continue to support our students on their journey to success. 

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