FSCJ Reaches Far and Wide

FSCJ Reaches Far and Wide

Not only does FSCJ make a significant impact on local students and our local economy, the impact of FSCJ can be felt around the world.

We are fortunate to be reminded about the affect this institution, its faculty and staff have had on its alumni as they reach and achieve their goals.

Papa Fall, a 2004 FSCJ alumnus, is one such individual we are honored to have served. Papa was an international student from Senegal, West Africa who studied and graduated from our Pilot Technology program. He now resides in Senegal, Africa and flys for Air Cote d’Ivoire.  

Over the last 11 years Papa has kept in touch with long-time FSCJ employee Kevin Cotton to share his success and progress in his career. Kevin had the privilege of meeting and working with Papa during his time as associate director of admissions where he worked to recruit and establish international students into the College.

“Papa Fall is a well-trained airline pilot whose heart holds a passion for flight and appreciation for FSCJ,” said Kevin Cotton. “Papa Fall is the embodiment of the BlueWave nation, an international body of students and alumni that stretches as wide as the oceans vividly presented in a Rand McNally atlas.”

It is rewarding to hear from our alumni who continue to consider FSCJ a significant part of their journey.