FSCJ Participates in Jacksonville National College Fair

FSCJ Participates in Jacksonville National College Fair

FSCJ Recruitment was once again a proud organizer, sponsor and participant in the annual Jacksonville NACAC National College Fair held at the Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center on Saturday, October 14. 

The event brings representatives from more than 100 colleges and universities to Jacksonville each year with 5,000-plus guests attending this year’s event. As an organizing institution, with leadership from Senior Associate Director Terry Hollingshead and Associate Director of FSCJ Recruitment Terence Wright, the College provided guidance on collaboration with DCPS and NCSD personnel and promotion of the event to the public. In addition, FSCJ and DCPS co-hosted and sponsored the annual FAFSA Lab which assists students and families with completion of the FAFSA. 

FSCJ also hosted workshops on selecting a college or university and hot jobs in the 21st century. Nearly 300 students registered profiles with FSCJ which had a steady presence throughout the program at the FSCJ information booth. 

For more information on NACAC and the National College Fair schedule, please visit nacacfairs.org.