FSCJ Grad Dedicates Life to Those Dealing with Death

FSCJ Grad Dedicates Life to Those Dealing with Death

We’re always proud to see our FSCJ graduates go on to pursue careers that positively impact the lives of others. Kandice Jacobs-Armstrong, who earned her Associate in Science (A.S.) in Funeral Services, got her first exposure to the world of funeral directing upon the passing of her grandmother five years ago. It was the last career path she ever imagined pursuing, but Kandice said, “It chose me.”

She returned to college, coming to FSCJ two years after earning her bachelor’s degree in general studies from Texas Woman’s University. She then became a licensed funeral director and embalmer at the Ponte Vedra Valley Funeral Home, Cemetery and Cremation Center.

In addition to her work as a funeral director, Kandice also runs her own business, Kandice Jacobs Creations Inc., selling items including personalized memorial objects and programs. Kandice is also a public speaker and writer, having recently published an excerpt in Think Magazine titled “Weep with Those Who Weep: The Practical Dos and Don’ts of Ministering to the Bereaved.” In 2008, Kandice published a book of poetry, “On Creating Kandice: A Poetic Journey of Spirituality and Discovery.”

Kandice currently lives on Jacksonville’s Northside with her family and continues to help others through her life’s work. To learn more about Kandice and her contributions to the community, visit her website