FSCJ Faculty Organizes First Ever Jax by Jax Initiative

FSCJ Faculty Organizes First Ever Jax by Jax Initiative

FSCJ is proud to recognize the faculty and staff who are involved in the Jax by Jax Jacksonville Writers Writing Jacksonville initiative on Nov. 8, from 3 to 6 p.m. in the Park and King district in the heart of Riverside. Jax by Jax will celebrate local literature, coalesce a community of writers and provide a venue through which to show the city its own literary activity.

The city itself (in its streets and venues) will host the city itself (in its poets, journalists, novelists and playwrights) writing about the city. Book and poetry readings, presentations, short films, talks and more will take place in 20 minute increments each half hour, followed by 10 minutes for chatting and networking. The nine businesses that are participating are Beer:30, Café Freda, Carmine’s Pie House, Cool Moose Coffee Company, Flaire Celebrations, Jacksonville Magazine, Lola’s Burrito Joint, Paperwhite Salon and Silver Cow Watering Hole.

Several Florida State College at Jacksonville faculty members have been instrumental in bringing this event to fruition. Three of the featured writers in the Jax by Jax initiative include Matt Lany, Wayne Francis and Tim Gilmore, FSCJ professors of English. Professor Gilmore will be reading from and discussing his last big book, “Stalking Ottis Toole: A Southern Gothic” and his new book, “In Search of Eartha White, Storehouse for the People.” Professor Francis will present on his upcoming book about the abuse scandal at Camp Tracey Children's Home, and Professor Lany will read poetry and parts of his novel, “The Tree.”

Other FSCJ professors who contributed to the organizing of the event include:

  • Jo Carlisle, professor of English at South Campus
  • Laura Jeffries, professor of English at South Campus
  • Rawlslyn Francis, professor of English at South Campus
  • Sarah Stuart, professor of English at Downtown Campus
  • Shep Shepard, professor of English at North Campus
  • Dominique Dieffenbach, professor of English at Kent Campus
  • Liz Murphy Thomas, professor of digital media at South Campus

FSCJ is honored to have educators and staff who are driven to connect with the community and share their passion for literature with those outside of the institution.