FSCJ Faculty and Staff Share Tips with Teens for Launching a Business

FSCJ Faculty and Staff Share Tips with Teens for Launching a Business

Junior Girls Day Out Community Project is a program that helps girls (aged 9-14) become entrepreneurs and launch their own business. This full day of seminars promoted multiple professional industries providing ideas for business creation and addressed the steps that are needed to successfully manage their new business.

During the morning sessions, the young girls and their moms learned about several different business ventures including arts and crafts, web design, photography and nail art. These sessions were led by Professor Dustin Harewood, Professor Jon Lyon, Assistant Director of Educational Technology Brandi Bleak and Adjunct Instructor Irean Jones, respectively.

The afternoon workshops covered Managing and Building your business—led by Professor Harvey Slentz, Managing Revenue and Costs—led by Professor Susan Reilly, Marketing and Promoting your business—led my Assistant Director of Marketing Jennifer Walls and Integrated Communications Manager Kelly Thurlow, and Visioning your business—led by Professor Erick Aguilar. Each session provided tips, visual materials and resources to assist them in executing their business plan once they had selected their product or service idea.

FSCJ faculty and staff are honored to be a part of educational opportunities for young teens in our community to help them gain knowledge and skills that will help them in the real world.

Thanks to Professor Susan Reilly for her work in coordinating these efforts.