FSCJ Employee, Morton Perry, Pens "I Am the Blue Wave"

FSCJ Employee, Morton Perry, Pens "I Am the Blue Wave"

I Am the Blue Wave
By Morton Perry

The Blue Wave is one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring of natural occurrences. The ocean has always been a major defining characteristic of the state of Florida. The rivers and lakes within our great Sunshine State are the veins which pump the heart of how we work, play, live and learn. Florida State College at Jacksonville has evolved over the 50 years since its founding in 1965 and it continues to grow and expand at an ever increasing rate. I love the Blue Wave because it reflects some of the same attributes that I often see in myself, as well as the in the College. Much like the Blue Wave, I am relentless; a true go-getter who will stop at nothing to reach my potential academically. I am the Blue Wave.                                                         

Consider the Blue Wave team logo for a moment. The blue wave is royal blue; crowned with golden sunlight. Rising above the rest, the Blue Wave flexes its muscles. The relaxing sounds of crashing currents harmonize with whistling winds. The white edges along the outer rim of the Blue Wave represent the suds that are churned from the crashing current; spraying a mist sparkling diamonds round about. The Blue Wave’s yellow trim resembles reflected sunlight which suggests that we have some of the best and brightest who matriculate through the College.

The Blue Wave will sweep away the odds that stack up against it and conquer the most insurmountable of obstacles. That’s my nature as well. I will find a way to push beyond and rise above all of my barriers to student success and career enrichment. As a result of the knowledge gained from FSCJ, I realize that I can help to shape the lives of the people who I rub shoulders with every day. I am a highly effective citizen who realizes that as I better myself, I in turn, make the lives of those around me better. Therefore, I realize that my voice among the academic community carries weight. I am inspired to make meaningful contributions as a valued stakeholder. As I know that education and ethics go hand in hand, I am committed to be an effective agent for positive change.                            

The Blue Wave boils down to one substance: H-2-0. H-2-0 is the formula to our success which identifies us as a triple threat. The solidarity of our defense combined with the fluidity of our offense will stand to vaporize any doubt that we have the heart of a champion! Our Blue Wave student athletes are destined to break barriers, shatter records, and level the playing field between all opponents. It’s only natural! The Blue Wave will sweep away the odds that stack up against it and conquer the most insurmountable of obstacles. We draw from an inner strength that compels us to rise. Winds of change may blow but we adapt, adjust and go with the flow. We are a progressive people. We feel the need to succeed! Our experiences have made us to grow stronger and reach daunting heights. Woe is unto the opposition who make the fatal assumption that our waters are too shallow. The depth of our talent is enough to drown our competition. Our message is crystal clear: The Blue Wave is Hard 2 Overtake. Moving as one body with one mission; the ripple effect of our collective impact has spawned across the nation; from sea to shining sea. As the Blue Wave continues to go the distance, our course is charted toward boundless possibilities.