FSCJ danceWORKS Takes Artistic Talents to New Heights

FSCJ danceWORKS Takes Artistic Talents to New Heights

From Miami to Los Angeles and many locations in between, members of FSCJ danceWORKS have displayed their talents throughout the country.

Also known as the FSCJ Dance Repertory Company, danceWORKS has helped foster the careers of numerous passionate performers in its 19 years of being offered at the College. Approximately 20 performers who are carefully selected during an audition process are trained in dance styles such as modern, ballet, jazz and hip-hop.

Dancers showcase their skills for school and community events throughout the year and participate in the fall and spring dance concerts.  Members of danceWORKS are also given many special opportunities, including the chance to work extensively with national and internationally lauded choreographers. This year’s members will head to Scottsdale, Arizona, to represent the College at the American College Dance Association Conference.  In addition, the company provides opportunities for those students seeking to sharpen their technical ability and artistry to prepare for entry into a four-year program or a career in dance. Many dancers are awarded talent-based scholarships offered by the dance department.

Professor of Dance Rebecca Levy, who has worked with the FSCJ Dance Repertory Company for nearly five years, also serves as the program’s director. After noticing a lack of professional opportunities for local dancers, Professor Levy began Jacksonville Dance Theatre to avoid “talent flight” and to provide opportunities for FSCJ and other local dance students after graduation. She says her own experiences as an artist and educator have influenced her work with FSCJ’s dancers in countless ways.

“Being a dance educator is the single most important element of communicating artistic intentions clearly,” Professor Levy said. “Not only am I inspired by my students, but they allow an incredible amount of educational experiences for myself.”

Two former danceWORKS students, Amber Daniels and Breanna King, are true success stories, having gone on to study dance at Jacksonville University and the University of South Florida. Both talent grant recipients have since returned to Jacksonville to perform with Jacksonville Dance Theatre, where they are praised as two of the company’s hardest working performers.

Current danceWORKS performers have rehearsed since October for their upcoming Dance Repertory Company Spring Dance Concert, with performances scheduled for March 10-11. “These shows are very special, high caliber student work,” Professor Levy said. “We are proud of the product which required intense rehearsal and physical dedication to the craft.”

Anyone interested in learning more about FSCJ danceWORKS can contact Professor Levy at R.Levy@fscj.edu.