FSCJ Announces Officers and Welcomes New Board Member for 2017-18 District Board of Trustees

FSCJ Announces Officers and Welcomes New Board Member for 2017-18 District Board of Trustees

The FSCJ District Board of Trustees elected new officers and welcomed a new Board member at the August 2017 Board meeting for the 2017-18 year.

“This is truly an exciting time for us as we prepare for the new academic year and are fortunate to welcome a new Board member, as well as identify the new chair and vice chairs for the coming year,” said FSCJ President Dr. Cynthia Bioteau. “I continue to be humbled by the distinguished service provided by our esteemed Board members and honor the passion they bring to us in sharing their knowledge and guidance to enable us to provide the highest-quality education to all of our students.”

Karen Bowling, was elected to serve as Board chair. Ms. Bowling was appointed to the Board in August 2011 and was elected as a committee member for the Board’s Finance & Audit Committee in August 2016. Ms. Bowling also previously served on the Board of the Florida State College at Jacksonville Foundation.

Thomas McGehee Jr. was elected as vice chair for Duval County. Mr. McGehee was originally appointed to the District Board of Trustees in 1999 and has held several positions during his time on the Board, including Board chair, Board liaison to the Foundation Board and member of the Board Finance and Audit committee.

Candace Holloway was elected as vice chair for Nassau County, a position she has held previously. Ms. Holloway was appointed to the District Board of Trustees in August 2011. Ms. Holloway actively serves on coalitions and committees representing the American Lung Association working with colleagues and volunteers at the state, regional and national levels.

Florida State College at Jacksonville Board of Trustees also welcomes Mike Bell as its newest Board member representing Nassau County, appointed by Governor Scott for a term beginning August 15, 2017 and ending May 31, 2021. Over the last 15 years, Mr. Bell has been heavily involved in workforce and economic development in Northeast Florida. Mr. Bell is currently the vice president of public affairs at Rayonier, Inc. Mr. Bell received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Maryland. The appointment is subject to confirmation by the Florida Senate.

“I know how vital affordable education and workforce training is to creating opportunity, competing for economic development and to our collective future prosperity,” said Mike Bell. “I want to serve in the capacity to support Dr. Bioteau and her team in the work they're doing to create these opportunities and to build a better educational institution and stronger communities surrounding their campuses.”

Also serving on the Board and representing Duval County are Randle DeFoor, J.D., Latasha Fullwood, J.D., Thomas Majdanics and Hunt Hawkins. Representing Nassau County along with Holloway and Bell is Jimmie Mayo. 

You can find more information on the Board of Trustees meeting on our website.