Faculty-to-Faculty Spotlight: Mitch Velasco

Faculty-to-Faculty Spotlight: Mitch Velasco

FSCJ has the best and brightest faculty who are committed to providing meaningful and rewarding educational experiences for our students.

This month’s column highlights the work of Mitch Velasco, Professor of Business and FSCJ alum.

Engaging with and supporting students:

  • A ballroom dancer, competitive bowler, frequent traveler, video game player, and pop culture enthusiast, Professor Velasco uses his varied interests as a way to connect with his students. On the first day of class, he and his students use a “topic ball” – a soccer ball with questions on each panel – to “break the ice” and promote camaraderie. He uses his students’ names and interests in the class activities he builds to reinforce that connection.
  • Professor Velasco makes it a point to get involved with his students and their interests outside of the classroom. He partnered with his SEED program students to demonstrate ballroom dancing during International Week.
  • Responding to a “Year Up” student request to learn more about investing, Mitch has created a workshop that will demonstrate how to buy stocks without using a broker.
  • Well-known for helping students, Professor Velasco often meets students off-campus when they are unable to make it to his office during office hours. He has held office hours on the weekends at McDonald’s and his local bowling alley.

Reimagining course assignments:

  • Professor Velasco includes an assignment that requires students to apply concepts learned in class to current events. Connecting to current events emphasizes the usefulness of the course and how its learning objectives relate to life outside of the classroom.
  • In a recent course, Mitch asked his students to build an investment portfolio that was socially responsible. Students were required to invest in companies that didn’t profit by promoting the vices of consumers. 
  • In an effort to help students gain interest in understanding difficult topics, Professor Velasco incorporates humorous video clips or cartoons into his explanation of the supply chain, quality control, statistical concepts, and concepts related to finance. 

Engaging with the College:

  • Center for Financial Education, Volunteer (2014 – present)
  • Center for Learning Enrichment, member (2015 – present)
  • Honors re-design task force, (2015 – present)
  • FSCJ First Coast Games participant (bowling team)

Engaging with the community: 

  • Volunteer, Big Brothers / Big Sisters
  • Volunteer, Junior Achievement

*Tell me about the engaging activities in which you and your students are involved.  Email angela.browning@fscj.edu with information about your class or a colleague’s.