Dual Enrollment Faculty Awards

Dual Enrollment Faculty Awards

Dual Enrollment Faculty Awards celebrate the teaching and scholarly work of our FSCJ faculty who teach on the high and middle school campuses. Students, faculty and staff submitted their nominations and this year, twelve faculty applied to be considered for the award.

The Award Committee reviewed all applicants and picked one winner from Duval County Public Schools, Nassau County School District and our private/charter schools to each receive a $500 award sponsored by the FSCJ Foundation. 

Award Nominees:
Jeannette Chaffee, Yulee High School
Nathalie Faulk, Yulee High School
Kelle George-Grizzell, Harvest Community School
Jennifer Henderson, West Nassau High School 
David Payne, River City Science Academy
G. Wendim, Trinity Christian Academy
Ruth Fields, Mandarin High School
Blake Guthrie, Sandalwood High School
Mary Johnson, Duncan Fletcher High School
Randal Lessen, Sandalwood High School
Patrick Nolan, Sandalwood High School
Annette Sykes, Ed White High School

Duval County Winner
Patrick Nolan from Sandalwood High School was this year’s Dual Enrollment Faculty Awardee for Duval County Public Schools. Mr. Nolan teaches U.S. History and has been teaching with FSCJ for 12 years. Mr. Nolan has a Masters Degree in History from the University of North Florida.

One nominator stated, “Mr. Nolan has gone above and beyond teaching duel enrollment at FSCJ as well as on the campus at Sandalwood High School. He was the lead in creating a Dual Enrollment program at Sandalwood High School and began the Early College program. Mr. Nolan has brought in guest speakers, unique resources and is the lead dual enrollment teacher on campus.”

Nassau County Winner
Jennifer Henderson from West Nassau High School was this year’s Dual Enrollment Faculty Awardee for Nassau County School District. Ms. Henderson teaches English Composition I, Introduction to Literature, and Topics in Humanities for FSCJ. Ms. Henderson has a Bachelor's of Arts in English from UNF, a Master's in Humanities from American Public University, and plans to graduate with her Doctorate in Humanities in 2023.

One nominator stated, “Ms. Henderson deserves recognition because of the way she prepares her students. I have taken four different courses with her, and she always goes above and beyond what she has to. Taking dual enrollment classes with her is the single reason I am able to graduate high school with an A.A. She pre-exposed me to the skills and resources I needed to thrive in college.”

Private School Winner
Getachew Wendim from Trinity Christian Academy was this year’s Dual Enrollment Faculty Awardee for Private Schools. Mr. Wendim teaches College Algebra and Elementary Statistics. Mr. Wendim has a Bachelor's of Science in Statistics/Mathematics from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia and a Master's in Economics and Mathematics from Jacksonville University. 

One nominator stated, "Mr. Wendim has a heart for his students and their learning journey. He is generous with his time and hard working to provide the best experience possible for his students.”

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